Howzit is a grouping of Saffa and Canadian Business Entrepreneurs who assist potential immigrants  with their journey into Canada.

Our collective experience has enabled us to develop a platform that helps families to better understand the journey. We appreciate the level of stress the immigration decision places on family as well as the need to settle in and start enjoying your new chosen country.

We’ve been there, we’ve navigated the very challenges you face and are well equipped to help you land with peace of mind, ready to build the foundations of your new life in Canada. We are passionate about sharing those experiences, helping you to turn your decision into a true adventure to look forward to! Let us offer our expertise, working collaboratively with you to successfully complete your journey.


Taking the first steps – Knowing whether you’re eligible, finding out the difference between the different nomination programs (e.g. PNP, OINP, etc).  Let’s chat about your career opportunities and practical tips.  Looking to do a LookSeeDecide (LSD) trip to find out if Toronto is for you? Find the best info from the professionals.


We discuss schooling, social events and life in general.  Understand the different schooling systems, explain property and mortgage options.

Settle in and make your life in Canada an adventure!


Once you are settled, ensuring your financial future is successful and your retirement is stress free.

Want to know what to do with your retirement annuities? How to open a bank account.  How to financially emigrate.  Let our team of professional Actuaries and Accountants give you qualified insight to do it right the first time.


Find all the services that you will require to settle and call Canada home. We have a list of home-based businesses, corporations and professional institutions. They all have one thing in common, to service and help each individual that crosses paths at Howzit. To build and serve in the new country they now call home.

Support them, because your support will make all the difference to them.


Custom artwork and clothing

Talented artist Marietjie Jones creates custom artwork and clothing. Show your love for SA with  your Cape Town t-shirt, or order a custom painting from Marietjie.


How to make your own biltong

How to make your own biltong

Here is a quick and easy recipe to make your own biltong. For those who know about it, those who don’t and for anyone just curious what it is. Once you’ve tasted real biltong there’s no going back to jerky! Vic shares his favorite recipe with us.

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How I Landed a Job Within My First Week In Canada-Michaels Experience

How I Landed a Job Within My First Week In Canada-Michaels Experience

A very important aspect of immigrating to Canada is landing a job once you arrive. It is not an easy task for most depending on the level of demand and the province you are moving to. Everyone goes through this process one way or another and it takes time, dedication, and focus. We interviewed a gentleman who had to search for and land a job and was able to accomplish this tedious task.

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Family Day in Canada 2021

Family Day in Canada 2021

This holiday celebrates the importance of families and family life to people and their communities. Seems like, after 2020, we need our families more than ever. So why not take a day to spend valuable time with our loved ones?

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From Bloemfontein to Bargème

From Bloemfontein to Bargème

When people in Canada ask me where I come from, the answer is easy; Bloemfontein. Born there and raised in the Free State. A very flat part of the world and if you stand on a chair you can see quite far. Now I am among these steep hills, a long way away from the Free State, revisiting a part of the long road I have traveled from Bloemfontein to Bargème.

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Top Tips For Your First Winter Driving Experience

Top Tips For Your First Winter Driving Experience

We all get excited after that first sheet of fluffy snow covers the ground leaving you with bright and crisp scenery. If this is your first time experiencing a non-South African winter especially in Canada, there can be added excitement (or not if you don’t particularly care for it, and that’s ok). However, it can also be dangerous to drive in if not properly prepared. Fear not Saffa friends, there are things you can do to be ready!

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