Howzit is a grouping of Saffa and Canadian Business Entrepreneurs who assist potential immigrants  with their journey into Canada.

Our collective experience has enabled us to develop a platform that helps families to better understand the journey. We appreciate the level of stress the immigration decision places on family as well as the need to settle in and start enjoying your new chosen country.

We’ve been there, we’ve navigated the very challenges you face and are well equipped to help you land with peace of mind, ready to build the foundations of your new life in Canada. We are passionate about sharing those experiences, helping you to turn your decision into a true adventure to look forward to! Let us offer our expertise, working collaboratively with you to successfully complete your journey.

start here moving to Canada the basics


Want to know where to start? We highlight the basics of immigration first steps, finding out your eligibility, what to consider and what the requirements are to move to Canada. We answer your most pressing questions and provide you with guidelines.

PR and work permit next steps to settle in Canada


Got that golden mail? Ready to book your ticket? Not sure what your next steps are? We journey with you to take you through the next steps, what to consider, read up and journey with other immigrants who have gone before you. You are not alone!

Howzit Business Directory


Find all the services that you will require to settle and call Canada home. We have a list of home-based businesses, corporations and professional institutions. They all have one thing in common, to service and help each individual that crosses paths at Howzit. Support them, because your support will make all the difference.



Afrikaans Flix from the comfort of your own home, here in Canada. Use the code HOWZITCAN on their website to get 50% off your first month!


Once upon a time in a magic land

Once upon a time in a magic land

The bright flashes painting crackling blue shadows on the wall of my bedroom. First, the rumbling in the distance, then the loud clap. The smell of rain in the air, the comforting feeling of the bedsheet around my shoulders.

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All about snoring and a big lion

All about snoring and a big lion

The last episode was about the lion at Harties. While I was writing that, I also remembered another event where a lion took centre stage. It took place at a time when we were working at Arusha, in Tanzania. Steve was flying our King Air E-90 and I was in the right-hand seat. After we took off and set course for Hemingways at Watamu, Kenya, I could relax and check my telex messages. (No e-mail in those days).

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