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3 Things to Consider When Writing Your Resume – Skills, Passion, & Impact

By Simeon Wong

We chatted with Simeon Wong from, a Howzit partner and a professional career coach who helps senior leaders and executives excel in their work and achieve their career goals. He’s also worked extensively with career development companies coaching clients who have been terminated from their positions. Simeon’s work has been centred around developing his client’s key value propositions and highlighting the “success story”.

According to Simeon, when coaching his clients on how to draft and format a winning resume, it must answer the following three questions: What are your skills? What is your passion? What impact is this going to have on society?

Recruiters want to know, what value proposition are you declaring that you can bring to potential employers and help you stand out among the competition. In addition, when a career is driven by passion, we are much more likely to perform better than if not. The same goes for impact. Why invest in a job that has little impact on society? What value and bring are you as an employee going to bring to a company and its clients?

These three questions allow us to become much more reflective of our past experiences and job roles, and also what we’ve been good at.

 A resume should be able to tell a story of our past, present and future, keeping in mind these three aspects, thus making it much more sincere.

Many job seekers have questioned how the global pandemic might be negatively affecting this framework. Simeon believes that COVID-19 has levelled the playing field, as a result of companies now having to rethink what is most valuable in order to stay afloat. Many employees or positions that were once thought to be indispensable may not necessarily be safe from layoffs. He suggests that his framework of resume building is still necessary to consider, but must be done a lot quicker than before. In fact, during these unprecedented times, the most important question to as yourself is what impact and value your skills will have on a company.

In terms of job seekers urgently in need of work, Simeon tries to focus on what and how a client’s skills were developed throughout their job history. A resume should have what he calls ‘internal consistency’ which essentially shows a common narrative of what a client has done, and particularly what they’re proud of. The resume’s story should also develop itself around a common theme so that a recruiter knows where to allocate the employee’s skillsets best in the organization and where they can ultimately grow and further themselves in the company.

Although the resume should contain a narrative, Simeon still swears by a bullet point layout as it’s still the easiest way to read and pick up keywords.

As an example, Simeon recalls a client who was interested in making the transition from a nine-year career in the medical field as a paramedic to an administrative government role. Taking this client’s skills in leadership as well as assessing situations quickly, their passion for helping and working with families, and providing the impact of alleviating a stressful situation, Simeon is then able to find a transferable narrative that appeals to recruiters in the client’s transitional field. Using more business jargon that described their experience and skillsets, the client is then able to make a more relatable outline of their resume’s narrative, increasing their chances of being a fit for a new working environment.

Simeon offers career coaching sessions, teaching clients how to properly define their value proposition. He also provides full resume and LinkedIn coaching, which Simeon says is one of the most important tools for job seekers in the corporate world. He says that LinkedIn’s value lies in its ability to allow users to generate thought leadership and create a persona that attracts not only recruiters but like-minded individuals for networking.

Watch the video with Simeon below, detailing how to use Skills, Passion & Impact when you are writing your resume!


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