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Because who can resist a good rusk? When last have you had the perfect piece of biltong? Or wait, that smoothie that you’ve been craving… yes that one – find it here!


The original Freezochino

Freezochino brings you the ultimate range of premium beverage powders with taste profiles unlike anything experienced in North America before. Used to make either iced or hot beverages, our powders remain the only choice for those craving deep, authentic flavours without excessive calories.

Florence Meats

Biltong, Boerewors and all things yummy!

Stock up on all your treats from SA. They have all your favourite brands, including specialty deli items. Find them in Oakville.

Daniel's Bake Shop

Cakes, tarts, cookies and bakes

Baked with only the best ingredients, made to order. No preservatives in these yummy treats!

Hygge collection of hot chocolate powders

The original Freezochino

Make cafe quality beverages in your own kitchen in less than two minutes. Hot or cold – the flavour is amazing! The original coffee freezo is available in regular and lite. You will also find the Hygge range of truly versatile powders can be made either iced or hot. With four unique flavours currently available, the Hygge Collection provides the perfect range of flavoured coffees and chocolate-based beverages.

Koeksisters by Florence Meats

Saffa treats

Longing for that perfect piece of biltong, cut just right, melting in your mouth? Or that Ina Paarman’s spice to add the special zing to your potato dish? Can’t live without your Zambuck or Colgate?

Visit Florence Meats in Oakville for your treats and yummy stuff.

brownies baked by Daniel's bake shp

Freshly baked convectionary

The best macarons on this side of France! Have a rusk craving? Daniel’s health rusks are filled with granola, rolled oats, and real butter.

Offering baked goods such as choc chip cookies, health rusks, macarons, oatmeal cookies, brownies, cheesecakes and more. Fill your home with goodies that taste like home.

Biltong, boerewors and yummy treats from Florence Meats

Get your freezochino fix!

Let's shop and support local friends and family in Canada

Nguni heads by Izibele

Home & Gifts

Food & Drinks

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