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Good to Know: Canadian Immigration Acronyms

By Kyla Millette

Navigating the world of immigration can feel a bit out of control sometimes. Not only are you in the process of making a massive life decision, you’re about to embark upon an incredible journey into unknown territory. Gathering what seems like an endless supply of documents can also feel like a daunting process, especially with government terminologies you’re likely unfamiliar with.

In this article we’ll outline a few common, and perhaps not-so-common, acronyms you’re likely to come across during the Canadian immigration process. Some of these acronyms are also commonly used by Canadians in general and are good to know outside of the immigration process. Becoming acquainted with these terms will not only make the immigration process a lot less complicated, but will also prepare you to easily acclimate among Canadians once you’ve been approved and finally touch down!


ADR – Additional Documents Request

AFP – Analysis of Financial Position

AGM – Annual General Meeting

AOR – Acknowledgement of Receipt Letter

BIL – Biometrics Instruction Letter

BM – Biometrics 

BSO – Border Service Officer

CANN – Community Airport Newcomers’ Network

CAPIC – Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants

CBSA – Canada Border Services Agency

CBA – Canadian Bar Association

CELPIP – Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program.

CHST – Canada Health and Social Transfer

CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada

CICIC – Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials

COPR – Confirmation of Permanent Resident Form

CPD – Continuing Professional Development

CPP – Canada Pension Plan

CPR – Centralized Processing Region

CRDD – Convention Refugee Determination Division

CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

CSIC – Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants

CSQ – Certificate du Selection du Quebec (Quebec Certificate of Selection

DD – Demand Draft (Bank Draft / Certified Cheque / Money Order)

DLI – Designated Learning Institutions (for study permits)

DMP – Designated Medical Practitioner

ECA – Educational Credential Assessment

ECAS – Client Application Status

EE – Express Entry

ESDC – Employment and Social Development Canada

FSE – Full Skills Exam

FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program

GCFM – Grants and Contribution Financial Management Division

GCMS – Global Case Management System

GoC – Government of Canada

IA – Initial Assessment

ICCRC – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

IELTS – The International English Language Test System

IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

IPMB – Integration Program Management Branch

IPP – Immigration Practitioner Program

IRB – Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

IRPA – Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

IRPR – Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

ITA – Invitations to Apply

JSVC – Job Seeker’s Validation Code

LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment

M01-M07 – level of Medical assessment (M01 means perfect)

MEDDEC – Medical Decision

MR – Medical Examination Request

NCR – No Criminal Record

NOC – National Occupation Classification

NGO – Non-Governmental Organization

OGD – Other Government Department

OMC – Operational Management and Coordination Branch

OREQ – Other Requirement

PCC – Police Clearance Certificate

PEI – Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration (not to be confused with the province Prince Edward Island)

PI – Principle immigrant

PME – Practice Management Education

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

POF – Proof of Fund

PPR – Passport Request

PR – Permanent Resident

RCIC – Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police

R&E – Research and Evaluation Branch

RBVO – Received by Visa Office

SIN – Social Insurance Number

TBS – Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

TR – Temporary Resident

TRV – Temporary Resident Visa

UCI – Unique Client Identifier

VAC – Visa Application Centre

WES – World Education Services

WP – Work Permit 


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