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Fishing the Nootka Sound

By Kobus de Villiers

A cousin of mine recently commented on a Facebook post about my latest fishing trip. He mentioned that he grew up in the Karoo, and he never learned to fish, since water was so scarce there. I grew up in the Free State and often we only had some water after some serious prayer meetings. Yet, I learned to fish there in the farm dams and the local spruit.

The adventure starts here.

The adventure starts here.

With time, as my job sent us to interesting places around the world, mostly to places with more water than the Free State, I was lucky enough to fish in places that few fishermen have the chance to explore. One such place is Alaska, the other is the Queen Charlotte Islands. I always thought these were some of the best places to cast a lure and try to outfox a shiny inhabitant of the deep. However, a few weeks ago an ex-Rhodie friend of mine invited me to join him for a few days on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island.

It is a long drive over some challenging logging roads, but as we eventually left the lush forest and the view over the Nootka bay unfolded, I knew this is going to be something special.

Most of the tricks I learned while fishing in the Free State did not really work here. For example, unlike the modderdam Karp, the very big Pacific Salmon do not eat pap. But once we figured out what works, we had some of the most amazing fishing experiences ever. This place is on par with the best places I have fished.

Three days and many kilos of fish in the freezer boxes in the trunk, we drove back through the most pristine forests and untouched nature that you can ever think of. We had lots of stories to share, had met some local great guys, and tried several different bourbon brands.

We truly live in one of the most amazing parts of the world!

heading for the open water.
Next morning leaving the floating lodge behind for another adventure.
Fighting the big ones!
Early morning breakfast and getting the boats ready.
Back at the lodge. Time for a sundowner and big stories!
On the water at daybreak.
The subject of the big stories.
Some photos from our trip. What a trip it was.
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Kobus de Villiers is a retired aeronautical engineer. He grew up in the Free State. After serving in the Bush War, he lived, worked, and studied in several countries around the world. He still does some consulting and builds contraptions in his workshop. He lives with his French wife in Vancouver, Canada. He shares his stories and photos with Howzit on this blog, aptly called “Slypsteen”

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