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How do I heat/cool my home?

By Petrus Engelbrecht

Answering your practical questions regarding homes in Canada. Ever wanted to know how homes are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer?

It is difficult to understand how someone can survive (and thrive!) in temperatures that dip to -40 degrees Celcius and in summer can be over 30 degrees. How do you keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer?  If you have seen the pictures of people walking around in short sleeves in their homes, you can believe them.  Enter the magical world of insulation in Canada.  Petrus explains how heating and cooling in Canadian homes work.

You will find a furnace in each home (mostly placed in basements of homes), running off natural gas.  Hot and cold air vents are placed throughout the house, transporting the air and keeping the house regulated at your selected temperature.  Be sure to regularly change the filter of the furnace.

Insulation helps with keeping out the cold air in winter and vice versa in the summer.

Watch Petrus’ video detailing how it works and see for yourself that you will be able to survive the cold and love living in Canada! 

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Petrus is a Real Estate Agent and Team Lead at The Petrus Group with Sotheby’s International Realty – Canada, and was a Conveyancing Attorney in South Africa.

With over 25 years of property experience, one could say that he is ideally suited to help in advising on all property matters when it comes to leasing or buying a property. In Canada, prospective tenants and buyers have representation from a Real Estate Agent, at no cost, which makes it vastly different from South Africa where buyers and tenants are not represented and have to approach the seller’s or landlord’s agent.

Petrus is passionate about advising fellow South Africans through the process of finding their ideal Canadian home and being the ‘agent of choice’ when it comes to negotiating on their behalf.

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