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How does my home stay warm/cool in Canada?

By Petrus Engelbrecht

Understanding how homes in Canada are built, ensuring that throughout the year your home is at a comfortable level.  In certain countries, such as South Africa, the houses are not warm inside during the winter and again too hot in the summer. Canadian homes are different! You can walk with only shorts and short sleeves in your home, whilst it is -40 outside. How exactly do homes in Canada stay warm/cool? It’s all about the insulation! This video takes us through the home, the drywalls are filled with insulation. In addition, the windows are double glazed, keeping the cold/heat out. Aircondition is installed, blowing through the ducting, keeping the temperature constant on the selected degree/Fahrenheit.

This series with Petrus from the Petrus Group looks at questions that immigrants have when immigrating to Canada. Giving you practical tips and examples, preparing you for the move. Be sure to follow and subscribe to our channel!


Petrus is a Real Estate Agent and Team Lead at The Petrus Group with Sotheby’s International Realty – Canada, and was a Conveyancing Attorney in South Africa.

With over 25 years of property experience, one could say that he is ideally suited to help in advising on all property matters when it comes to leasing or buying a property. In Canada, prospective tenants and buyers have representation from a Real Estate Agent, at no cost, which makes it vastly different from South Africa where buyers and tenants are not represented and have to approach the seller’s or landlord’s agent.

Petrus is passionate about advising fellow South Africans through the process of finding their ideal Canadian home and being the ‘agent of choice’ when it comes to negotiating on their behalf.

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