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Immigration as a single woman – my  experience and tips

By Arooj Prem

How different is the process for a single woman to immigrate from one country to another? And is the experience different between immigrating from South Africa vs any other country? We catch up with Arooj, a single dynamite of a woman on how her experience was. She shares her story, some tips and how she is carving out her mark in Toronto – you will love this story!

Why Canada?

My name is Arooj Prem and I moved to Canada in 2018. I was working as a digital media professional in Pakistan.

Why did I decide to move you may ask? It was my dream to move to Canada for a better future and personal freedom. I chose Canada for several reasons but above all was that immigrants are not treated any differently in this country. The government is pro-immigration that has a trickle-down effect on society. Besides, the multiculturalism in Canada is what attracted me the most.

Being the only daughter in the family, I had always been pampered and protected. Therefore moving to Canada as a single woman wasn’t an easy feat. I knew that I will have to step out of my comfort zone but that is where adventure and growth happen in my opinion.

Finding your tribe

Living in a new country is a different experience especially when it is culturally so diverse. The beauty of diversity is that everyone is willing to open up to make connections and create friendships. The Canadian government has established welcome centers like access employment, YMCA, and Springboard employment. I went to a number of these agencies and found them to be very helpful. I built new professional and personal connections while at these agencies.

They helped me brush up my resume and prepare for potential interviews. Different workshops related to your field are offered as well. Some of the workshops require initial payment but the fee is reimbursed later. Something that I noticed during my initial years here is that many times new immigrants tend to rely on these agencies for everything. Although these organizations are there for our assistance but relying solely on them for success is not a good idea. Do not cut yourself short by limiting your horizons. Explore every option that you can get to find your tribe and your dream life.

Familiarity breeds trust and I found this evident in the strong sense of community that this country emanates from. The government encourages community building and offers an array of options to help immigrants assimilate well into their new communities.


Most people attach their worth to a successful professional status and all immigrants are well established in their careers back home. Leaving all that behind to move to another country to start from scratch is not always easy. I have been here for some time now but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to break into my field yet. It is quite possible to suffer a setback in your career when starting a new life but that is what one has to be prepared for. Your journey towards your dream life in Canada may be winding through different career paths but I believe that if you keep at it, you will eventually succeed.

Education and building your career

Canada celebrates niches and having specialized knowledge gives you an edge here. Education plays a vital role there. When I was in Pakistan, having knowledge of every aspect of your field was considered an asset. If you are a digital expert then you are also expected to know designing, photography, IT and in some case video production. Although related to each other but these areas are specialized fields and require expertise to produce required results. In Canada however, I learned that having expertise in an area is desired and highly recommended. Canadian government also helps if you are interested in pursuing further education to polish your skillset.

My dream of moving to Canada came true and I am grateful to God Almighty for it. Establishing myself successfully in this country is next task and I am looking forward to this journey.

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Arooj Prem shares her story with Howzit on immigrating to Canada

Arooj is a Digital Communications Specialist who moved to Toronto in 2018. She shares her story with the Howzit team. It is her journey and is not intended to be a guideline or immigration advice. At Howzit we love to share immigrant stories and tips on how they arrive and thrive in Canada. Do you have a story? Please reach out to us – we would love to share it with our followers!

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