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The process of immigration to Canada is not an easy one. There are many steps that must be completed before you and your family can live in the country legally.

However, if you follow these steps and make sure to invest time and effort into preparing for your new life abroad, the journey will be a successful one.

The first step involved is deciding whether or not living in Canada would align with your desires as an individual or as a family unit. The second step involves determining how long you want to stay in Canada for (the maximum length of stay permitted under Canadian law is three years). The third step is figuring out what kind of visa will be applicable to your requirements. Additional steps will include applying for your visa, booking your medicals and starting your settlement journey once you are ready to immigrate.

The first step is perhaps the most important one because you need to be sure this is where you want to live for an extended period of time. If it is a short-term stay, you can just obtain a work visa. However, if it is a long-term stay, you must decide what the best option for your family unit will be in terms of living arrangements and schooling for children. If the desire is to obtain a Canadian passport after some time, you must qualify for and apply for citizenship prior to your three-year stay being up. Watch some videos below that take you through what the options are for South Africans wanting to immigrate to Canada, different provincial nomination programs and more. Be sure to read our articles below for additional information!

Why use an agent?

I am often asked: “Why do you need an immigration agent?” This question always comes from individuals who are unclear about the process of immigrating to Canada. To answer this question I explain that it is important to have someone in your corner who will guide you through the red tape and legal platitudes, someone who knows the rules inside and out and someone who has experience in making this type of process run as smoothly as possible. It is a difficult and complicated process, which all too often results in rejection. Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. The immigration process can be complicated and confusing
  2. You may not have the time or knowledge to handle it on your own and this can cost you valuable points
  3. An immigration agent will know all of the latest laws and regulations, so you don’t have to worry about missing a step
  4. An immigration agent will be able to help you navigate through any legal obstacles that come up during the process
  5. Immigrants are often under-educated in their new country’s language, culture, history, and politics – an agency is there to guide them through this transition
  6. Immigration agents provide valuable information for permanent residents who want to apply for citizenship

What is the bottomline? No, you don’t necessarily need to use an agent. Yes, we highly recommend using one for the above reasons. Even if it is just for an introductory consultation.

Express Entry Invitation

Express Entry Round of Invitations

Check the latest round of invitations, going back to 2019. Find the draws, dates and how many invitations were sent out.

The Express Entry draws are based on a points system. The more points you have, the more likely you are to get an invitation. Candidates are ranked with a points-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Candidates are selected from the pool, and those of the highest ranking will be invited to apply for permanent residence.

PNPs explained image

Provincial Nomination Programs Explained

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program is an integral part of Canadian immigration policy. Nearly 250,000 people are expected to obtain permanent residency through the program in 2021-2023 alone.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a Canadian immigration pathway that has been growing rapidly in recent years. The federal government, recognizing the importance of these programs to Canada’s economic landscape, has steadily increased PNP allocations each year for provinces across the country. Find out how this program works.

Entrepreneur PNPs explained

Entrepreneur PNPs

Entrepreneurs are self-motivated individuals who don’t have any bosses to answer or make decisions for them– they get to decide their destiny! Canada recognizes this and has a specific program to support them.

The entrepreneur programs allow you to start or sometimes buy an existing business while on a work permit. You will receive permanent residence (PR) once the conditions of the Performance Agreements are met or the province is satisfied that you have met certain goals within their timelines.

immigration faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

What questions do you have about immigration? Immigration is a complex and often confusing topic, but we are here to help.

What are some common concerns about immigration? We answer questions from how to the process work, what the easiest route to apply, right up to can I bring my animals with.

immigration acronyms

Immigration Acronyms

Immigration is a complex topic and it can be difficult to understand what the acronyms stand for. 

There are many acronyms that come up in discussions about immigration, but not everyone knows what they mean or how to pronounce them. We list some of the most common ones and explain their meanings so you’re more informed next time someone brings one up!



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