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Want to know what to do with your retirement annuities? How to open a bank account.  How to financially emigrate.  Let an Actuary and a Chartered Accountant give you professional insight to do it right the first time. We are here to ensure that your finances are set for your growth in Canada.


We’re a successful, highly regarded firm of chartered accountants and financial professionals that provide taxation and a variety of professional services to businesses.

We combine large accounting firm specialized tax expertise with the hands-on working relationships. Our clients are made to feel very special – and our goal is to constantly exceed their expectations. Our clients enjoy working with us. And we enjoy our clients too!


The Kingsmere Group of Companies represents Kingsmere Financial in Canada, The Hereford Group in South Africa and Australia and Seed Investments in South Africa. In this group we assist over 80 000 clients in Canada, South Africa and Australia to reach their individual financial goals. We have 13 offices across Canada, South Africa and Australia with 290 financial advisors.


Registered Retirement Savings Plan in Canada

Registered Retirement Savings Plan in Canada

When we think of a savings plan for retirement, we imagine packing away quarters and dollar bills into a glass piggy bank until we are 65 years old. Little do most people know, there are several ways you can plan and save for your retirement. One of those is Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

The Cost of Living In Canada

The Cost of Living In Canada

It’s not hard to see why people consider moving to Canada with the socially progressive government, Universal healthcare, and the abundance of beautiful scenery year-round. If you have decided to make this journey, one of the first things to know is the expectations are in terms of the cost of living.

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