Petrus is a Real Estate Agent and Team Lead at The Petrus Group with Sotheby’s International Realty – Canada and was a Conveyancing Attorney in South Africa.


With over 25 years of property experience, one could say that he is ideally suited to help in advising on all property matters when it comes to leasing or buying a property. In Canada, prospective tenants and buyers have representation from a Real Estate Agent, at no cost, which makes it vastly different from South Africa where buyers and tenants are not represented and have to approach the seller’s or landlord’s agent.

Petrus is passionate about advising fellow South Africans through the process of finding their ideal Canadian home and being the ‘agent of choice’ when it comes to negotiating on their behalf.


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Know and understand the property market in the GTA

We go into detail so that you can get all the answers in one place.  We discuss rentals vs buying, what to look out for, what to bring with, and lots more! Your local source of information in finding a home in the Toronto area!

Mortgages and Property Blog

The Who’s Who in Buying a Home

The Who’s Who in Buying a Home

When it comes to buying a new home, the task can feel overwhelming for many; not to mention if you’re an immigrant brand new to Canada and its real estate process. There’s a mountain of paperwork to be done, and you’ll be coordinating them with a number of different people. These people will all play a distinct role in finalizing the rewarding experience of buying a home.

Choosing a Neighbourhood in Canada

Choosing a Neighbourhood in Canada

As an immigrant new to Canada, it’s important to locate the right neighbourhood for you by considering factors like proximity to schools, medical care, work, shopping, and many others!

How do I get hot water in my home?

How do I get hot water in my home?

Understanding how the hot water is distributed into your home. A practical series looking at property questions that you have about living in Canada.

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