Portage in Canada-Back Country Camping

When we think of Canada, a great escape to the back countryside surrounded by nature is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

In this post, we’re going to explore an unforgettable experience in the back-country camping in Portage, Canada, and specifically a popular Canadian activity called portage canoe camping. Portaging is the practice of carrying watercraft or cargo over land, either around an obstacle in a river or between two bodies of water. A path where items are regularly carried between bodies of water is also called a portage.

When backcountry camping, you’re truly roughing it out in nature. There are typically no washrooms or running water for you to use, only the campsite. Nothing but you and the great outdoors! Moving from one end of the lake to another with your canoe and belongings over your shoulders, you travel to your next campsite.

Typical items you might want to bring along for this type of camping trip include:

  • a water filter
  • portable stove
  • butane
  • a raincoat
  • rope
  • a large container (for storing your food)

It’s best to keep your travel items light as you will be storing it all into the canoe, and you want to ensure the load is not too heavy as you will be carrying it all on your shoulders. You also want to ensure you have something waterproof to keep your items in case the canoe were to tip over, to avoid getting your belongings wet.

To keep your container of food safe, you should use the rope to tie it up to a tall tree about 15 minutes away from your campsite at night. This will keep your food safe in the event that a bear becomes your neighbour!

Like most back-country campsites, by the indication of flags, you’ll find an open outhouse area. Might be a bit to get used to but hey, it’s part of the experience!

This little getaway from the city is very cost effective. For a trip away for 3 days, you can expect to spend upwards of $26.

With a stunning view and fresh air, this is a great, cheap way to get away with family or friends.

Watch the video below to give you a feel for how amazing canoe camping can be!

A special thanks to Vincent Heys for sharing his experiences with us!


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