Starting at the beginning – Why Canada?

Canada offers the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. If you’re considering immigrating, it’s important to know that Canada is an excellent place to start a new life. It has a thriving economy, low unemployment rates, and affordable healthcare for all Canadians.

What are some other reasons why people choose Canada? The Canadian government welcomes over 250,000 immigrants annually with its points-based system that favours skilled workers who speak English or French and have high levels of education. 

We discuss some of the most frequent questions that we have been asked (and as ex Saffas, we have had these questions ourselves). Not sure where to start? We have professionals on board, such as immigration agents, settlement services and more to help you when you are ready to take the next step.

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Immigration Options

Which route do I take? How do I know if I qualify? What is Express Entry?

There are so many (and overwhelming) routes on how to immigrate to Canada. From Express Entry to Provincial Nominations, and everything in between! Start here more immigration information, FAQ’s, links and more.  A word of warning though, your age is one of the considerations when immigrating and the older you get, the more points are deducted from your eligibility. If you do not have the luxury of time on your hands, reach out to an immigration agent, who can take you through an introductory call, explain the process, check your eligibility and provide you with a detailed report of what your options are. Trust us, it will save you a lot of frustration and time and well worth the investment. 

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My children

How children adapt, what age is the best to move, will my kids make friends?

Children and their future are one highest consideration to families when immigration. We cannot tell you if your children will adapt or if they will be able to make friends. What we can tell you from lived experience is that kids are resilient and the opportunities that Canada offer them are immeasurable. 

Childcare in Canada is expensive and should be investigated to find the best options for you as a family. There are many options available. 

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Will I survive the winter? Is it really that cold?

Canada is a beautiful country with four different seasons. This may make it seem like the perfect place to immigrate, but weather plays an important role in considering whether or not you should relocate. In Canada, the winter season lasts from November until March and can be very cold with lots of snowfall. The summer season lasts from June until September and is often wetter than other parts of the year. Read our blog about Weather in Canada: What to Expect

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What grade will my child be put into? Will they have to learn French? 

There are many educational opportunities in Canada. Some of these include public school, private schools, and homeschooling. There are three levels of education: elementary school, high school and post-secondary. Elementary is made up of grades K through 6 where the child learns to read and write in a classroom environment with other children their age. . At High School level, Canadian kids have many options that they can choose from according to their interests such as arts or science courses. Post-secondary is when you go to college after high school or university after graduating from a high school diploma program ̶ this stage usually takes 3 years for an undergraduate degree (4 years for graduate). Don’t forget the incredible apprenticeship opportunities available!

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Will we be safe? What security measures do we need to put in place?

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to live in. Canada has a low crime rate, and its police are very competent and trustworthy. In fact, it’s one of only 5 countries with a top score on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. On average, Canadians will not experience any kind of violence more than once in twenty years. You don’t have to worry about your kids walking home from school by themselves or going out at night. In saying that, no country is ever perfect. 

After reading all of the above and you are ready to take the next step, we suggest you visit our page on Immigration – The Next Step. If you have managed to secure PR or a Work permit and you need guidance on the next steps (such as airport collection, accommodation, sorting your finances and more), visit our Prepare for Landing page that will explain and share practical information that will help you on your journey!

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Need advice?

Our Howzit team can help you in two ways with your initial journey. Check out our immigration page to find out eligibility or to set up an appointment with a registered immigration agent.

If you want to find out general advice about life in Canada or book a session with the settlement services team to find out about accommodation, schooling, and general information reach out to us.


How did we end up in Canada?

How did we end up in Canada?

“So how the hell did you end up in Canada?” He was busy turning the steaks over on the grill and took another swig of his Molson Canadian Lager.

I had to think for a minute.

“It is a long story!”

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