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You know you want to live in the Greater Toronto Area.  Understanding the immigration options and paths to follow can be confusing and daunting.  We discuss the different nomination streams and everything that this entails.  We also look at the career opportunities within Toronto, discuss future career options and how to set up a coffee chat with potential employers.  If you are looking at visiting Toronto to get your Canadian journey going, we can assist in ensuring your trip will be a valuable, fulfilling and enjoyable trip.

Let’s help you to get started on this journey!


Immigrating to Canada can be easier than you think. With so many different options available it can be hard to determine if you qualify and if so, under which program.

Speak to the professional team at Canada Abroad to understand the streams, the process and how to get you and your family into Canada.


Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned leader, building on your career in a new country can be daunting. Many questions are unanswered, and some seem to have many different answers. You want preparations to be done before you arrive so that you can hit the ground running. We can help you achieve success! We are able to review your resume and will work to best prepare you for a smooth career transition.


Many people come to see if Canada is a country that they can call home, or perhaps do a soft landing to activate their PR (Permanent Residency). We can assist in making this trip comfortable and easy.  We can collect you at the airport, provide accommodation and assist you in opening bank and mobile accounts.  Find incredible South African hospitality right here in Toronno (as the true Torontians call this hometown!).


Choosing a Neighbourhood in Canada

Choosing a Neighbourhood in Canada

As an immigrant new to Canada, it’s important to locate the right neighbourhood for you by considering factors like proximity to schools, medical care, work, shopping, and many others!

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