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Tax Residency & Financial Emigration

By Vincent Heys

Talking through the changes of 1 March and how this will affect you. If you earn more than R1,25m offshore, you will need to declare it and pay a double tax. Vincent explains the difference between tax residency and financial emigration. They also discuss what could happen in the long run if you don’t have your financial matters in place.

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Vincent Heys

Vincent, a qualified Actuary, started his career in South Africa in 1996. After working in the UK for two years he co-managed one of the first fund of hedge funds in South Africa. During this time, he created and implemented investment strategies for some of South Africa’s largest pension funds. During 2007, Vincent co-founded Seed Investments, a private client wealth management business and in 2013 he co-founded Seed Analytics, a fintech company that provides financial advisors with consolidated client reporting and Business Intelligence. Vincent relocated to Toronto in 2017 and co-founded Kingsmere Financial.

He has a passion to see private clients reaching their financial goals through financial coaching and integrated software solutions. These are some of the elements that make Kingsmere Financial unique. For more information refer to

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