Understanding the Applicant Tracking System

By Melanie Ferreira


Join us while we go over how the applicant tracking system (ATS) works in finding a job in Canada. We look at what factors it considers when scoring your resume and how to work the system to your benefit. 

We answer these questions:
– What is the ATS, and how does it work?
– How to structure your resume to benefit the ATS
– How the ATS scores
– What is a strong score match
– How keywords, titles, degrees, and resume structure can affect your score
– Graphics, visuals, and fonts – how to not use them in your resume
– Resume types
– The Canadian ATS

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If you are new to Canada or need to refresh your resume to meet local expectations, Dezines can assist.  Getting your resume ‘Canada ready’ is more intensive than a simple re-edit or adding recent achievements.  The resume writing process is part science and part art, a complex tapestry of skills, achievements, and compelling narrative which illustrates outcomes achieved due to your involvement. Having the correct resume format is essential, but don’t forget that keywords, tone, flow, and substance are equally important.

If it all sounds a bit overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help. 

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