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What is it like to work in Canada?

By Simeon Wong

Working in Canada and understanding the work environment and what it feels like. Simeon highlights some benefits to working in Canada, which includes:


  • Benefits – Most Canadian companies offer medical and dental benefits to their employees, which most of the times are extended to the family as well. Although a free health care system is in place, not all costs are covered (read more about what might not be covered here).
  • Working with different people from different nationalities and backgrounds, giving a broad diversity in the workplace. Certainly, a great benefit as the collected experience brought together can culminate in an exciting and forward-thinking company and an effective work environment.
  • Industries such as forestries in British Columbia and financial industries in Toronto are well covered and allow for great networking opportunities.
  • Did you know that Canada is fast becoming to be known as the northern cousin of tech-based companies in the United States. This opens up many opportunities for IT related positions.


Did these points raise even more questions? Let’s help you get more answers – reach out to us to chat!

Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned leader, building on your career in a new country can be daunting. Many questions are unanswered, and some seem to have many different answers. You want preparations to be done before you arrive, so that you can hit the ground running.

We can help you achieve success! We are able to review your resume and will work to best prepare you for a smooth career transition. We work with you to understand your employment history, education, skills, achievements, areas of “failure & learning”, personal motivations and values. Through this personalized assessment, we will help you set career goals and align them with what types of roles and skills are most attractive in the North American market. We are able to help you write/refine an authentic, powerful resume that is relevant and will stand out in the Canadian market. As part of this process, we also offer a robust interview preparation program that will provide you with the confidence you’ll need to network and meet with recruiters. We offer:

  • Resume writing for Canada
  • Resume writing for Canada, plus personal coaching consultation
  • LinkedIn profile writing for the Canadian market
  • Interview preparation specific to Canadian companies
  • Overall career coaching

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